Tips To Make Your Living Room Look Spacious

Have you recently purchased the home of your dreams? Are you thinking of doing the interiors to perfection? The most important part of your home is your living room as this is where your guests and other people from outside will be seeing first. While it is important to design each room perfectly, giving priority to the living room is as important. Most of the apartments, unlike traditional homes, have small living spaces. What you will need to do is design the interior in such a way that the room looks spacious. Take a look at some of the tips given below from leading interior designers.

Reduce clutter

One of the biggest mistakes people make is overcrowding the living space with too many things. There will be lots of furniture, showpieces, a Television Unit and maybe a Library too. Leave out all the clutter and use only the most essential pieces. The room will look spacious and elegant. Earlier people had the provision to decorate homes with many art pieces and sculptures as their rooms were large sized. However now you should act smartly and give your rooms a feel of emptiness. This will make each piece appreciated and you will get a chic look.

Minimal furniture

There is a misconception that if the furniture is placed against the walls, there will be more room. In reality, your living room will look smaller when you push up your furniture to the wall. The more you pull into the centre, the more space you will feel as there is free space surrounding the furniture. This is a small trick to create the impression of bigger space.

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Too many pieces of furniture will entirely defeat the idea of a spacious living room. Keep the pieces you need and dispose of the rest. A comfortable sofa, a few pouf seats are all you need. In any case, your living space is small and you cannot seat too many people at the same time. So why do you need to fill the room with furniture pieces that will overcrowd the area? Choose some pieces which go together with the room paint, curtains and wallpaper. Wait till the interiors are fully done to buy the furniture pieces. If you already have furniture, choose the curtains and wallpaper according to that.

Also, pick out furniture which appears to be lightweight. Buying bulky items will create heaviness in the look and the room will shrink visibly. Pale coloured pieces with legs are more preferred in helping to create a spacious look than dark boxy types.

Neutral colours

Your favourite shades may be dark brown or any other dark shade. However, if you apply the same colour pattern to the living room, your living room will appear smaller. Use shades of white to make your room appear sophisticated and chic. At the same time, it displays a sense of calmness. White and lighter hues reflect light more, and this creates an impression of bigger rooms.

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Avoid large screen Televisions

Large TV screens will destroy your living space. Even if the room has enough space, this huge screen will make the room appear smaller in size.

Sculptural items

Do not make the mistake of overcrowding your table tops or wall shelves with all the exquisite sculptures and antique pieces you buy. It is better to wait till all your rooms are done before stocking up on showpieces. Without a doubt, all the artefacts and other décor items you have will be beautiful. However, you have to choose the best among those and keep it elegantly.

Focus on the vertical space

Blinds for the windows are traditional methods which look great in large living rooms. When you have a smaller living space, you can use long flowing curtains which will draw more attention to the vertical space. The flowing drapes will create a look of a wider space.

Work magic with mirrors

Placing designer mirrors in the living room will give bring in a magical illusion. More light will be reflected and the room will look a lot more spacious than it is really. The ambience you get is indescribable when you place a mirror behind a candle or pendant light source. The whole room will attain a beautiful and fairytale appearance.

Follow the tips above and see how fantastic the room looks.