Offices Morph from Boring to Efficient and Trendy

Office Morph

Dusty cubicles, miles of tangled wires, cramped desks, cluttered work spaces have become a thing of the past. The offices of today are swankier than luxury hotels. Creativity, efficiency, multi-functional and productivity are the terms that define modern offices. Have a look through the list to get some ideas for sprucing up your own workspace.

  • Going Green:

This has more to it than just placing a potted plant on your desk. Sure even that helps, but offices these days try to make the place Eco-friendly by integrating green ideas even while the initial plan is drawn. A roof-top garden not just adds to the aesthetics but cuts down electricity costs in a big way. Huge windows with glass panes, let in natural light thereby reducing lighting expenditure. Green measures have such a huge impact on the work place as a whole. They bring in a cheery mood and have been proved to alleviate work stress among the employees.

  • Flexible or Fluid Seating:

Work spaces are no longer restricted to rigid hierarchy among its employees. With new business models focussing on informal brainstorming sessions and collaborative work among the work force, the design of new age offices are geared towards achieving this model. The rectangle desks and closed cubicles of yesteryear have given  way to more fluid oval tables, that allow for members of a team to work together, while still retaining their personal spaces.

  • Mobile Workstations:

Cloud backup, Wi-fi connectivity, powerful laptops have all contributed to making the desktop obsolete. Workstations are no longer chained to desks, thereby freeing employees to choose and pick their own spots within the office, where they can work at the highest productivity. Teams now hold their entire meetings in office lounges. This has led to the design of lounges that cater to work reviews.

  • Quirky Zones:

“Quirky” and “Fun” are two adjectives that no one usually associates with “work”. But, the work spaces of today strive to add an element of fun and playfulness into the design. Search engine giant, Google Inc. sparked of this trend with cool fire slides to move between floors, game rooms, dart boards on the walls and relaxing sleep pods. Now, companies all over try to integrate this factor into their design. This helps in transforming offices from “All work and no play” zones into “Work while you play and Play while you work” areas. It certainly has helped to rein in the massive energy of Gen Y, who form the majority of the work force today.

  • Healthy is the new Buzzword:

With more and more companies focusing on the health of their employees, offices are designed to aid in the upkeep of the general health of the work force. Gyms no longer occupy prime real estate in an office. Regular walls have been modified into rock climbing walls to motivate employees to exercise in a fun way. Jogging tracks in the corridors and around campus, stairs instead of elevators are all ways to incite employees to stay fit even during the time spent at office.

Office pantries have stopped being reduced to the size of closets. They have morphed into fully functional kitchens that encourage healthy eating.

  • Transparency:

With new business models emerging, offices of today are designed with glass that encourages transparency. Managers do not stay behind closed doors and almost all the communication in modern offices is highly visible. So, glass is the prime material of choice used in designing office spaces. It is comparatively low cost than other traditional building materials. Additionally, glass is low maintenance and thus the preferred choice when it comes to office design.

  • Multi-functional Spaces:

With more and more companies concerned about rising costs of real estate, new offices are designed so as to make use of existing spaces in an efficient manner. Conference rooms are done away with and lounges or relaxation zones double up as conference rooms. Outdoor amphitheaters are used for formal presentations too.

  • Finally, Customization is Key:

“One size does not fit all”. This is very true when it comes to the design of a work place with loads of highly unique individuals. Employees or entire teams are involve in the design of the work space that they will use. This increases productivity as the place a person works in, has been highly customized to suit one’s own style of working. Animation powerhouse, Pixar Inc., encourages employees to design their cubicles to resemble their own homes. This gives the illusion of working from the comfort and familiar surroundings of one’s home thereby increasing creativity and productivity. Check More about Office Interior Designers.

With an entire generation of Millennials, ready to take over the work force, offices of today are designed with emphasis on harnessing the potential of its employees.