Importance Of Colors In Interior Designing

Colors have the ability to change our mood. It is better explained by saying that colors and human emotions are interlinked. This concept is used extensively by interior decorators & designers in designing their projects. They take the time to understand the client’s psychological requirements and apply this knowledge to what they do. This makes the work a huge success among clients. Let’s take a deeper look at the effect or influence of color in interior designing.

Room colorful interior design

An interior designer company believes that color can enhance a well-spaced room. While working on a project that involves the extensive use of color, you need to focus on three major questions.

  • WHAT –The designer needs to understand what the function/use/purpose of the room you are selecting the color for?
  • WHO –You need to be clear in explaining who the end use of that space will be
  • WHERE-You also needs to be clear of the location where the color is going to be used.

Color – The basics

In order to use colors effectively in a design, you need to be aware of the basics. It is agreed that people are different and unique. However, based on majority opinions, certain colors have special psychological effects. Let’s have a look at some.

Blue trust, coolness, logic, efficiency, duty, serenity. Strong hues of blues will help to stimulate clear thoughts whereas lighter shades of blue will calm and pacify the mind .it also aids in improving your concentration.

Yellow – Exhibits emotional strength, confidence, friendliness, self-esteem, and creativity. It is said to be the strongest color in terms of psychology. It gives a  fresh feeling to all. Yellow can be seen quickly and can also be used for safety indicators.

Purple – Gives your room a regal look. It imparts a sense of mystery to space. You can chill it up a bit to get a lavender shade which is very popular for bedrooms. It also gives a feeling of Spiritual awareness.

Impact of Colors - purple colored room

Green – A very special feeling is imparted to rooms with shades of green. It promises Harmony, rest, reassurance, balance, universal love, refreshment, universal love, restoration etc.

Orange – Bright orange is a powerful hue. Most of the times, it is lightened a bit to get a coral shade. This gives your room the look of a beach during sunset. It also imparts a sense of liveliness and joy. 

Red – Stands for strength, stimulation, warmth, masculinity, energy.A powerful color which helps to grab the attention of the viewer first.

Accents and shades matter

Though the basic effects of the colors have been explained above, remember that every color has many shades. These shades also play a big role in determining your mood.  Also, test checks in a 3d design tool and confirm the shade of the hue chosen. Room interior designing has advanced and has many user-friendly tools. Accents also have a great influence. Though they look nice, do not over do it.

Select accessories with care

Every accessory placed in a carefully designed room has to be chosen with care. It is important to remember that cluttering up the room with too many accessories, however pretty they seem, is not going to help. It will make the room look messy and will go unappreciated.

Room interior design with green color

Small touches for bigger impressions

Color has such a fascinating influence that it can actually color up your day. Imagine how beautiful a pure white or cream shaded wall would look when you place a bright red accessory near it. It could be as small as a spoon holder. However, those contrasts in color can make a world of difference in the look of the room.

Do not exclude your favorite colors from your home. After all it’s basically you who is going to live in the space. So you need to be happy. Excluding your likes will not give you any joy. So take this as a reference and speak to your designer. Let him know your tastes and then sit for a discussion to have your interests combined with his advice. Every problem has a solution which can be worked on to make all happy!