Creating The Home Of Your Dreams With Interior Designing

Dream Home

Home is where the heart is. Everyone wants a beautiful home but not many people have the luxury of owning their own house to make drastic changes to it. For people renting older apartments, the peeling paint on the walls and odd layout leaves much to be desires. Additionally, most renting tenants will not be able to make huge structural changes; in fact many leasing owners demand that tenants do not stick things on the walls, put up shelves or even mount the TV. Some renters also feel that making changes to their rented apartment is a waste of time and money as the property is not their own. Whatever the reason, hiring an interior designer in Qatar for a rented or leased home is something very few people do.

However, there are many ways to decorate a house or apartment that do not require painting the walls or installing expensive wall sconces. The aim of hiring an interior designer should be all about making the place beautiful on your budget, without having to make any drastic changes. Whether you are renting or are a home owner, here are some simple yet effective tips that could change your home from drab to fab in no time.

Consider updating your furniture. If you have the means to do so, go ahead and buy a whole new set but if you are more budget conscious or your place is too small to have hulking pieces of leather in it, consider smaller investments. Upholstering your existing furniture is a great way to update your room’s look. Another way is to add in pieces of furniture like a high-backed chair or a side table. Try to mix and match your furniture; instead of buying a whole sofa set, buy different styles of furniture in the same colour family or if you have an existing set, revamp it with colourful pillows and throws.

Window treatments can also add a new dimension to your home. Depending on the room and your location, adding sheer curtains adds a whimsical touch to any setting. Bedrooms can benefit from black-out curtains. Using fancy tie-backs can also add a touch of glam. Try using old crystal necklaces for a bohemian look or silk ribbons for a more Victorian feel. You can also add curtains around your bed for added privacy or for a feminine look. In tropical countries, these bed curtains can be replaced by coloured mosquito nets that will serve a dual purpose of looking pretty and keeping bugs away.

Dream Home Interior

There has also been a surge in wall stickers. These temporary tattoos can add new life to your walls. They come in a variety of colours, designs and sizes ranging from a small corner to covering an entire wall. They are tremendously useful in setting the mood for a room, especially for a children’s room or a reading nook. Everything from cityscapes, to constellations and fictional characters and land to trees and abstract designs can be found as wall stickers. If covering up a smaller area is not on the menu, temporary wallpaper is also available. They also come in a variety of shades, patterns and sizes for a more permanent-looking makeover that won’t break the bank.

As a renter, you may not wish to replace sconces and light fixtures with new hardware but you can add more light in the form of table and floor lamps. The come in plenty of designs and are suitable for all budgets. Depending on the room, you can choose a higher watt or lower watt bulb. Be sure to go for a LED or energy saver bulb as these last longer and some come configurable in different colours via a remote control. Placing a lamp on your bedside table can also help you navigate during the night without turning on the main lights.

Add plants to your place; ditch the fake plastic imitations and replace them with live plants. Not only will they help you keep the air fresh by circulating carbon dioxide levels but several studies show that they also help with sleep and in removing toxins and odours in the air. Most indoor plants are easy to care for and require very little maintenance throughout the year. Bringing the outdoors in is also a great way to relax. Whatever you choose to do, make your home your own and have fun doing it.