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Interiors need to evolve throughout their life to suit changing demands placed upon them. Interior designers have been using the Gypsum boards for partitioning, in interior walls and ceilings. Many properties both commercial and residential today use gypsum wall partitions rather than the traditional partitions to ensure they save time and cost.

Gypsum Board Partition Wall From Clouds Interiors
Gypsum drywall partitions from Clouds Interiors give a level of privacy required for conducive working environments. It can be popularly seen in areas where privacy becomes the primary focus such as boardrooms, private cabins, massage rooms, clinics, etc. Gypsum offers a cost effective alternative to the stereotypes walls that take a longer time to build, do not offer the same flexibility, offer no to little sound insulation and aren’t fire proof (as in the case of wooden walls).

Gypsum board wall partitions from Clouds Interiors provide excellent acoustic insulation that helps to restrict the movement of sound waves in between rooms. Gypsum also offers fire protection apart from being easy on the eye. We install all types of gypsum based partition finishes that include veneers, wooden laminates, wallpaper and paints. The thermal insulations offered by Cloud Interiors’ gypsum wall partitioning has high thermal resistance and low thermal conductivity, thereby ensuring better air-conditioning performance during the summer months and better heat insulation during the cold winter.

Acoustic & Insulated Gypsum Drywall Partitions from Cloud Interiors
The acoustic gypsum drywalls from Cloud Interiors are the best choices for separating spaces for better organisation. It offers all that you get from the conventional walls while facilitating easy construction, lesser TAT and high -performance features. Our systems are non-load bearing and constructed using modern, dry lining techniques.

Gypsum Drywall Partitions for the Wet Area from Cloud Interiors
Cloud Interiors offers specialised gypsum drywall partitions for the wet area like kitchens and bathrooms. We use moisture resistant gypsum boards that offer increased flexibility and superior moisture resistance.

Gypsum Board Partition Wall Details – How it is done?
The Gypsum sheets are lined up on vertical aluminium structures that act as the skeletal system to hold and provide support. These sheets are attached to the skeletal structure with the help of nails and screws and are joined with the framework using a specific kind of tape and compounding that thereby ensures that the surface is crease-free and smooth. Once the taping is done, the wall is given a fresh paint for the finishing touch.

Modern & Latest Suspended & Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Ceiling Designs from Clouds Interiors
Using false ceiling gypsum boards can offer more than just a pleasant look. Most energy efficient homes today use gypsum suspended ceiling to save immensely on energy consumption and thereby helping to reduce recurring energy bills. Hence, we pop gypsum false ceiling designs for homes and office environments that can stun those who enter your premises.

Cloud Interiors’ Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Homes
The monolithic suspended gypsum plaster ceiling facilitates a smooth finish and an impressive homogeneous appearance thanks to the almost invisible joints. Cloud Interiors’ gypsum board false ceiling installation offers a variety of false ceiling gypsum option that includes steps, curves, and all that can be possibly achieved with the board.

Our team of professionals commence their work after the site visit, come up with the all project drawing, and present both Plans and 3D CAD drawing for your approval. When it comes to the residential space, it is imperative that more importance is given to the functionality of it. With due care on that aspect, the design experts at Cloud Interiors come up with customised living room gypsum ceiling designs for the living space offering the largest unobstructed view of the room. We understand that each room has its significance and hence we offer functionality specific choices like gypsum board ceiling tiles or PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles for the bathrooms, water and stain proof gypsum ceiling designs for kitchens, gypsum board ceiling decoration for the lounge area.

Why Choose Clouds Interiors for Gypsum Ceiling Installations & Drywall Partitions
Clouds Interiors is the kind of partner who will take his time to listen & understand you and eventually speaks your language. In a growing world of interior design, you need to be an inch ahead in introducing new innovations and helping our clients’ journey with us as we move forward. Here is a list of advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to use gypsum ceiling and drywall partitions from Clouds Interiors;

  • Offers an aesthetic appeal thanks to the modern gypsum board ceiling and drywall designs
  • Thermal comfort
  • Superlative performance
  • Adherence to height and impact requirements
  • Fire and water proof
  • Flexible & lightweight designs
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Less use of water during construction and installation
  • Can be used in all types of new and existing buildings, including private and social housing, industrial and recreational properties, educational facilities, healthcare, and apartments.
  • Expert advice from in-house team of experts
  • Cost effective and friendly service
  • Our lightweight gypsum partition systems can be easily reconfigured
  • Has minimal nuisance impact
  • Less work disruption
  • Better optimisation of the transformation process

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