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Ceiling Designs From Cloud Interiors That Enhances Your Space

Cloud Interiors is an expert in decorative and acoustic ceiling designs offering fully customised solutions that matches with the design, theme and decor of the place. Inculcating cutting edge designs, Cloud Interiors, being one of the best interior design companies in Doha, Qatar, is committed to new products, innovations and ideas.

Our design team works closely with architects thereby ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. Cloud Interiors’ ceiling designs introduces warmth and elegance and thereby enhances any project, be it a newly built or a renovated space.

The Clouds Interiors Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the highest quality products and services through an established world-recognised quality control practice. As a Clouds Interior customer, you have access to our team of Technical Design Engineers who can work to assist you on projects from beginning concepts all the way through to the building completion.

Assessments and Considerations

We understand and give priority to concerns from clients, designers and the contractors and provide the appropriate solution without impacting the initial design intent, to deliver a successful outcome for the project. With the use of current standards, latest developments and quality testing, our designers are able to provide the perfect designs for your ceilings that are tailor made to fit your specific requirements.

How Makes Our Ceiling Designs Superior?

We offer you the best of both worlds, a fabulous ceiling for the best price. Unfathomable as it is, we can deliver a superior finished product for a lower cost. Here is how it is possible for us..

Building Materials – Being one of the leading interior fit out companies in Doha, Qatar, we have established genuine and good all round contacts that enables us to negotiate the best rates. We have established partnerships with some of the leading suppliers of materials in this part of the world, which enables us to choose from the best range of products, services and prices which we in turn offer it to you.

Labour – With an extensive clientele and regular projects on hand, like the suppliers, we also have an established team of contractors. Being one of the premier interior designers in the region, we are able to secure far better rates from contractors. Over and above that, our goodwill and relationship enables us to influence quality workmanship.

Choice of Designs – The overall costs of renovation or a new built-up depends heavily on the choice of design construction. As a team we integrate both design and construction, thereby facilitating the best design decisions. With detailing done well in advance, it is possible to have a clear cut budget that will help in the process.

Impacting Process Efficiency – With the best in line materials, craftsmen and design on hand, it is important to get the process right, without which the rest will have little to no impact on the end result. Having a streamlined process in place, enables us to reduce costs while not compromising on the design intent.

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