Clouds Interiors is a specialist interior design company with a focus on design excellence and exceptional project delivery in the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors.
Having established as an out and out interior design company, we pride ourselves on working within our means.

What we Believe
We are budget friendly interior designers who strongly believe that a good design need not cost a fortune. We ensure that we go that extra mile to get you 110% for each dime spent. There will be no blowouts or nasty surprises that have become the hallmark for interior designers these days.

Our Objective or Your Objective
Our main objectives are listed based on what might be important for you. We adhere by the following;

  • Budget – Not to exceed the set budget for the agreed project
  • Timing – Ensuring to complete the project well ahead of time
  • Functionality – We assure maximum functionality to the available space
  • Unique Designs – Customised designs that are unique for projects thereby living up to the standards we have set for ourselves

To sum it up, our objective is to care for your objectives.

In our time in the design business, we have worked on different kinds and sizes of projects that have spread across hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors. You’ll be pleased to know that we have the expertise to do everything in-house, including 3D rendering and drawings. Not having to use a third party means we can stay nimble and progress things faster.

The Team
Every single member of our team is well qualified and we trust their decision making as they are all experts in their respective fields. From designers to the contractors, everyone have their roles cut out. We hardly use third parties which enables us to stay nimble and progress things faster. The entire team is creative and exhibit entrepreneurial qualities that enables them to do what it takes to keep our clients happy and ensuring that their projects are a success.

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