Top Five Tips If You Are Looking To Become An Interior Designer

No home or office space is complete without the expert opinion from an interior designer. There are so many interior design companies in Qatar that cater to different audiences. Some people are more interested in interior design and people compliment them on the way they have decorated their house or on some of the innovative methods in which they have used an object to make the décor stand out. The furniture in the room could be something different and people will ask questions like how did they find such an interesting piece or what made them choose that particular wallpaper. If you are one such person, looking to make a career out of interior design, there are certain points that you need to consider. There are so many challenges that are faced by interior designers and understanding them could be the right way to get started.

Interior Designers Are Different From Home Decorators

What makes an interior designer different from a decorator is the educational qualifications. Decorator could be someone who enjoys playing around with colors, different types of materials or décor. The only thing they have to do is print their card and start attracting a client base. While this is not a bad option to choose, educational qualifications are also important. Interior designers, on the other hand, must be accredited with an educational background such as a bachelor’s degree. This is an important pre-requisite if you are looking to be an interior designer professionally. If you would like to begin your career, the first step would be to sign up for a bachelor’s degree course with a   certified university.

Flair For Colors And Design

Needless to say, interior designers should have a great idea about color and also what works and what does not. Some idea about architecture and textiles is also required. Getting compliments from people for your design or taste does not make you an expert interior designer. It’s a good sign to get started. One of the important aspects is the passion for design. It is important to love what you do so that you will be excited about your job every day. Without passion, no matter how hard you try, you might not get what you are looking for in your career. Therefore, love your job and pay more attention to finding new aspects about your job that will excite you.

There More To Interior Design Than Fabrics

Although fabrics and  furniture are a large part of what interior design is, there is much more to it than playing with fabrics. These other parts might not be as interesting as you think. For example, to understand the design process and the structural features of a building, aspects such as how the building is built, ergonomics, space available, the psychology of the people in the house and to some extent must have knowledge about computer aided designing process. Being an interior designer, therefore, requires more skills than just furniture and colors. Therefore, it is important to work on these skills.  

Be Aware Of The PayScale

Although being an interior design sounds lucrative, when you start off, you might not be paid as well as you think. The money that you make is linked to many factors like the level of education you have had, experience in the industry and the number of people working in the firm or company you are working with. For example, being an interior designer at a furniture store might not have the option of making lots of money. Signing up with an architectural firm to provide interior design consultation might help you make more money. Therefore, how much you earn is directly linked to all these factors.

Being Friendly Goes A Long Way

People for whom you would be designing house might not be as nice as you expect. Some of them will have a clear idea of what they are looking for and some will ask you to provide designs. They will also give you a hard time in choosing one of the designs you have presented.  They might even hate the designs and be unhappy with the work you have done. Therefore, apart from design aspects and other expertise, it is also important to be a people’s person. They should possess the skills to guide clients and help them arrive at a decision when it comes to design. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but this will definitely help you to be successful.