Sustainable Interiors –The New Trend Is Here To Stay!

Sustainable designing is a concept that is gaining much popularity nowadays. This is creating huge waves in the field of Interior design Doha. People are also becoming more conscious about the environment and are opting for eco-friendly, sustainable products. They are looking for more options to bring Sustainability in the Interiors as well.

So, What exactly is Sustainable Designing?

Sustainable design is otherwise known as environmental design. It is also referred to as, environmentally sustainable or environmentally conscious design. In simpler words, this refers to designing homes and buildings which are nature-friendly. Renewable resources which are least harmful to the environment are being used here.

The aim of environmental design is to minimize and confirm that there are no negative impacts on Mother Nature by the use of thoughtful, skilful and sensitive design. Use of solar heat for energy purposes. Recycling and reusing water. effective and environment-friendly recycling of food waste, maximum utilization of natural light, Raised floor heating, Geothermal heating and cooling systems etc are some of the methods adopted in Sustainable designing. Eco-friendly products are used to the maximum when you opt for sustainable designing.

Home interiors designing
Tips to adopt

  • No cluttering and overcrowding

    The best way to give your home a sustainable look is to avoid the clutter of all sorts. This is not just confined to things you don’t need and have kept for a long time at home. It also appeals to the showpieces and artefacts also. There is no need to stuff your home with valuable pieces. The best approach is to place one or two pieces if you insist.

    The minimal look is becoming very trendy as it gives the home an elegant, simple yet modern look. Emptiness has a special appeal in today’s designing. Maximize the space management and get all your rooms uncluttered. This will get rid of unwanted stuff and will not give the rooms to clutter up again. The wardrobes, shelves, storage areas will also be free of overcrowding and stuffing things.

  • Hire a sustainable interior designer

    You may wonder why you need to hire a designer. Now sustainable designing is so popular that all designers are becoming experts in this field. They know better than you on how to choose eco-friendly products and furniture. They also know reliable sources where you will get all the products you desire at reasonable prices. They are adept in the Use of methods which promote energy-wise construction and environment-friendly design materials. Most of the times a designer is just who you need to tell you what to dispose of, recycle and keep to maintain your home.

  • Buy eco-friendly materials

    Earlier eco-friendly and green building materials used to be considered a huge expenditure .The cost of obtaining such things was also large. However, things have changed for the better now. More companies are exploring the opportunities in eco-friendly products. So there is a huge market for such products. This has caused a reduction in the prices. Check with your designer to find out more about the environment-friendly products to suit your home.

    Home interiors designing

    You can effectively reduce the waste accumulated in your home by using recycled materials. There are so many ways to recycle products now. An interior designer can help you think of ideas like creating table lamps out of unwanted paper, methods to recycle water, use of old plastic bottles as storage holders, reupholstering old chairs, sofas with new fabric, re-staining the wooden furniture and so many other crafty ideas.

  • Inspect your Shopping

    Don’t simply go on a shopping spree and buy all the products you see. Check out with the designer on the products and pieces you really need and find out which companies manufacture them. Buy products from reliable brands which are sure to provide eco-friendly items. AptDeco and MoveLoot are sites which help you to check for furniture and other stuff online itself.

  • Be energy intelligent

    Save energy in all possible ways. You can plan for energy-efficient and natural lighting. Smartphones have all facilities to operate most electrical equipment now. Intelligent thermostats for example Nest automatically senses the temperature and adjust according to the environment. Always go for landscaping which enables water conservation and use non-toxic as well as non-polluting products for gardening and outdoor designing.

So get started on the road to sustainability with the right choice of interior design!