Light Up Lives With Perfect Lighting

Interiors in homes and office spaces cannot be changed entirely too often but then there are innovative ways to slightly change a certain element in the interiors such that it can change the complete look. Changes in wall colour, ceiling, carpets, furniture and accessories any of these can be changed. Changing the lighting is an efficient way that will add that special renewed look to spaces. Fancy and creative lightings along with their creative design and lighting can transform the room.

Qatar is a place where along with the oil industry, real estate businesses have boomed. Real estate businesses face tough competition to stay ahead and the very best interior designers and architects provide the best and latest trends in building design and interiors. Interior design firms in Qatar realize the need for high-end services and creative interiors to make a place for themselves in the business world. Lighting is a key architectural and design element in homes and lighting trends change with time. Refreshing lighting fixtures is a fairly easy way to refurbish home spaces.

Artisan accents: Lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of creative patterns and made of various elements. Light fixtures handcrafted by artisans have been known for ages. These handcrafted fixtures can add a sense of authenticity and uniqueness to all home spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and even home offices. These fixtures can be merged with DIY recycled materials and antique accents to give a modernized undertone for a fresh new look. Fixtures with painted finishes, scrollwork, hand-bent arches and antique mirrored glass are considered artisanal accents.

Brass lighting: Brass, bronze and gold tones are gaining in style in hardware, appliances and light fixtures too. These metallic tones can be mixed with other characteristics in the entire house and the current trend does not stress upon employing a single finish in a given space.

Large light fixtures: For a while, the trend had been to keep light sources hidden in false ceilings but large hanging fixtures have always been a classic style. Large lighting fixtures make a bold statement and they serve as a focal point in the interiors. A statement can be made with the perfect pendant light in the kitchen nook or just above the dining room table. Pendant lights can be used in homes with tall ceilings.

Industrial trends: Industrial style lighting is now a trend in homes paired along with rustic inspired interiors. Vintage electric design elements are now in vogue with fixtures made of steel accents, strap details and knobs.

Nautical style: The sailor’s equipment have always been timeless. Nautical home accents go great with navy being a choice colour in homes. Light fixtures with a nautical touch are popular in homes towards the coastal areas. Bevelled or seeded glass light fixtures too are ideas from the sea.

Old is new: Textiles, colours, furniture and light fixtures of the 50s to 70s are back owing to the nostalgia of the simplicity that the retro styles imparted. Prismatic glass, fabric shades, traditional forms with brass accents are all no more things of the past but of the present. An ideal combination from those times that is now much preferred are the chandeliers made of brass and glass.

LED lighting:  LED lights are highly preferred for the advances that technology has made. They are cost effective and most of all can be modified so as to achieve the desired lighting. The lighting can be warmer, cooler, softer as and when desired. These lights are sleek and modern.

Nature inspired designs: The elements of nature such as wood, stone, metal and leather exude a well-lived feel to spaces. These elements are being combined with geometric shapes to provide a combination of timeless and futuristic designs.

Geometric lighting: Geometric lighting often looks minimalistic but they impart a modern look to the spaces that they light up. They are ideal for modern and contemporary interiors.
Customizable shape and colour: A recent forecast in trends suggests that customers will now be looking for lighting fixtures whose shape and colour range can be customized. The colour range is not restricted to a warm or colder lighting but refers to a broader spectrum of lighting.