Interior Designing Tips For Narrow And Confined Spaces

So, you have a narrow room and do not know where to start, here are some practical tips that can save your living room from having a tunnel-like look. There are ways to uplift the appeal of a narrow room by following some simple tips. Apartment living in Qatar has forced people to use every possible space effectively to overcome the space restriction. This challenge can be tackled with the help of professional Interior design companies in Qatar. Their role is to provide comfortable and aesthetic living in confined narrow spaces.

Leave space for foot traffic

Arranging furniture in a long and narrow room could be a challenge if you do not have sufficient space for foot traffic. While arranging furniture in your living room avoids foot space between the sofa and the center table. In condo living areas, long rectangular room with tall ceilings is common. This can give a cramped feel to the room.

The tip would be to use area rugs to determine the walkways or to stay away from it. If you place a carpet, ensure it continues to the pass through the area. Else you will be having one foot on the carpet and the other will be on the floor. Designing custom made rugs could be the best solution to meet your size requirements.

Arrange furniture in one corner

Placing the furniture in one corner can give ample space for movement. Gathering furniture a cozy corner can make it nice to kick start a conversation comfortably. This can give enough space to walk through the room without hitting on the furniture. Ensure the furniture is not too tightly squeezed giving less space for foot traffic. Always avoid too much of furniture as it will look cramped and the aesthetics of the living room will be compromised. You can consider ottoman that can be used as a seating and a centerpiece.

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Place furniture perpendicularly

Since the room is long enough, it is but natural to opt for a lengthy sofa with a suitable center table to create a sitting area. Instead, consider loveseats to long sofas and place them perpendicular to the room giving enough space to pass through. This can make the room look big and spacious. Another interesting tip would be not to place any furniture at the end of the room or in front of a window. Keeping it open can give a feel that the room did not stop.

Place furniture at an angle

Prevent a tunnel vision by putting furniture at certain angles. A wrong furniture arrangement can give a bowling alley feeling and this could damage the appeal of your living room. You can put an entire section at an angle or just a couple of pieces of furniture depending on the length of the room. This gives an opportunity to break the monotony in the lengthy room.

Circular coffee tables are suitable

Adding a circular coffee table or dining table could be an added advantage in a long room. It can give a linear feel and remove the feel of being in a narrow confined space. Sometimes you do not find room around the coffee table. You can also try ottomans for narrow space so that you can move around freely without hurting yourself. Use of cubes, stools and chow tables are best for coffee tables in a narrow space.

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Maximum usage of upper wall

Long rooms do not have enough floor space, and therefore it is ideal to have wall shelves. You can save on the floor space without using a standing bookcase. You can place the shelves high enough to avoid being hit every time you stand up. If you have some space at the end of the room, then try some free standing furniture.

Color combinations

In a small room, it is important to have minimum colors. Having too many colors could leave the room overwhelmed. A neutral color can leave the small space expanded. Monochromatic schemes are ideal for long and narrow rooms. Using single color shades on the walls, drapes, flooring and furniture can give the room an expansive look.

Painting tips

Similarly, avoid glossy colors for small rooms as it can reflect the light. You can use a matte finish to hide the flaws. Use a light luster and a flat paint for best effects.

Overall, following these simple tips can add value to your small space and can uplift the appeal of your property.