Interior Design Ideas and Tips For Your Home From The Experts

Humans are creative and dreamer by nature, following their sense of intuition. Though, there are some basic principles that need to be followed to achieve excellent results time and again. Here are some decorative tips that can help an interior designer to weave their imaginative skin to bring out their best. These are quick, innovative and out of the ordinary principles guided by your intuition.

Choose the right paint shade

The most difficult task faced by homeowners is picking the right paint color. The choice is abundant when it comes to colors, hues, tones and tints. The homeowner is at crossroads on which would suit their room best. The colors look different in different light sources and what might be good for one room may not be the ideal choice for another. Choose a color that complements your carpet, upholstery, artwork and other ad-ons in the room. Leave it to the experts and they will take care of picking the right color to decorate your home.

Interior Design Ideas and Tips For Your Home From The Experts


Mix and blend patterns

Depending on the theme of the room, it is important to mix and match different patterns to bring about the right ambience. The bedding, lights, posters and other accessories have to be in coordination with the core theme.

Interior Design Ideas and Tips For Your Home From The Experts

Do not overcrowd a room

The room needs some breathing space and using furniture only when necessary could be an ideal option to promote a gracious living. This can help to maintain your budget as well. Do not fill up the empty space unnecessarily, it could only overshoot your budget. Always spend on good quality furniture even it costs more. Instead of stuffing with flea market furniture, use judgment to fill the room with the right kind of furniture to keep up with the aesthetics of the room. If the room is too big you can use Gypsum partitions to create privacy of space.

Interior Design Ideas and Tips For Your Home From The Experts


Artwork display

Display the artwork in the right height. The galleries hang their artwork at the mid line approximately 60 inches from the floor, meeting the human eye. Even when the room has a high raised ceiling it is advised to keep the art height easier to meet the attention of the onlooker. The artwork has to be placed on human scale and not on the scale of the structure. You can also add creative artwork onto the ceiling using lighting’s and false ceiling.


Tips to arrange furniture on the rug

Arranging furniture on the rug can be done in three ways. If the rug is large, place all the furniture legs on the rug. This gives a luxurious feel. Therefore the bottom line is the bigger the rug the better. But ensure to leave about 1 feet to 1 ½ feet away from the walls. For a small room, keep the legs of the furniture away from the rug. But ensure you do not choose a very small rug. The rug has to touch the front legs of the furniture piece. So that you can relax comfortably on the rug. It works well with textured rugs and large solid patterns. You can place a runner in front of the seating arrangement to create an open feeling in the room.

Interior Design Ideas and Tips For Your Home From The Experts


A focal point is crucial

Choose a star attraction for the room and work the rest of the adornments to match the focal point. The other items in the room have to be secondary, do not allow every object to take a leading role. The focal point can be a kitchen hood, mantel piece or even a headboard of your bed. But be sure it attracts all the attention.

Shortlist collectibles

The pieces you choose have to be scrutinized to suit the ambience of the room. The key here is to strike the right balance between showcasing your favorite collectibles and overdoing it. Displaying more than the optimal amount can make your home feel cluttered and clumsy. You can do a round robin display.

For instance, showcase a particular piece  for a month, then replace it with another favorite item. This gives a fresh look to the space.