Gypsum: The Hero Of False Ceilings

False Ceiling is one of the most common features in many homes. One common agent used in false ceilings is Gypsum in other words called as Plaster of Paris. One of the main advantages of using Gypsum ceiling is that it is light weight and also it is fire resistant. Designing a false ceiling can change the way a room looks. Most of the false ceiling providers have a catalog of designs available for the buyers to choose from. Depending on the room that is being designed, once can explore their creativity and choose from various designs. For a kid’s room, one can choose quirky designs such as cartoons and bright colors. Whereas a living room requires mild colors and subtle patterns.

Some of you might have questions regarding the use of Gypsum material and might want to know more. Gypsum material belongs to a general item that is fire resistant. It has a paper type of material both on the front and back panels with long edges. These Gypsum boards are used in a variety of building materials and all of them called as gypsum products. Most of these materials can use gypsum for backing and front portion can be covered up with a variety of materials such as paper or fiberglass.

Other familiar names of Gypsum boards are drywall, plasterboard or wallboard. Each type of panel uses different products. Some of them might use plywood while some may fiber boards. The type of material depends on the purpose it serves. Gypsum walls are mostly used for interior decoration for creating false ceiling patterns. Some of the main advantages of using Gypsum boards are that:

  • It is very easy to install and does not require technical expertise.
  • The material is extremely resistant to fire
  • It also provides sound proofing solutions when used in walls
  • The Low-cost factor also makes this the most preferred material
  • It is durable and also versatile because of which various patterns can be made using a single material

Easy Installation

Gypsum boards are very easy to install due to many reasons. One of the greatest advantages is that they are available in large sizes such as 48 and 54 inches in width and up to 12 feet in length. Due to this, it provides great coverage to both walls and ceilings. It requires very few tools for installation and can be constructed with lesser time. Tools such as utility knife or saws can be used for cutting the boards as per the requirement. Attaching boards can be done by using screws, nails or it can be stuck on many substrates.

Resistance To Fire

As discussed in the advantages section, Gypsum boards are fire resistant. It is commonly used in interior designing in many parts of the United States. Main reasons for it non-combustible property is that the core of the material contains about 21% of water. Even when the panel heats up, the water content is released as steam which is not very harmful. Even after all the water disappears from the board due to heat, it works as an insulation to protect the surfaces from catching fire. Many tests and researches show that Gypsum has very less flame-spread index and low smoke density.

Sound Isolation

One of the other advantages using Gypsum is that it is sound proof. It does not allow unwanted sound to enter the room when used. This is very helpful, especially in apartments where two houses are so close to one another. Due to this property, many people specifically request for gypsum to be used while constructing. When used in the ceiling and walls it can act as the perfect sound proofing solution for your home. It controls sound transmission as a result of which it is sound proof.


These boards are readily available and hence the manufacturing cost factor is minimal. It is made at low labor costs than any other materials in the market. So, there is no need to spend a lot of money to get a beautiful finish for your home.

Durability And Versatility

Gypsum boards are used for constructing high-quality ceilings and walls which look good and serves the purpose of being durable. It is very easy to use decorations over Gypsum boards. It is easy to fix in case of any complaints as well.