Gypsum Boards- Are they suitable for false ceilings?

Ceilings are very important to the construction of any building.  They form part of the first view of any room when you enter a place. It defines the beauty of a room. False ceiling designs are now  in style everywhere. Not only do they add to the aesthetic beauty of the place, they also include a number of benefits .False ceilings can be used to conserve energy and act as air regulators. This makes them every efficient. They are also used to conceal wires, for sound proofing and also for fire safety.

Commercial Interior designers are now using Gypsum as a favorite material for false ceilings. These are proving to be very effective and efficient in serving their purpose. Let’s see how gypsum is gaining popularity in this business.

Gypsum Boards

Gypsum boards are being used as a building material in the construction Industry. It is also known as drywall or plasterboard. It is popular as the gypsum panel products have a non combustible core, making it optimum of fire safety purposes. A gypsum wall board can easily be used to create a continuous surface that hides joints and fastener heads. This is what makes it so suitable for interior decoration.

Purposes of using Gypsum Boards

If you consult a professional interior designer in Doha, he will clearly explain how easy it is to use gypsum boards for creating false ceiling. There are a number of benefits for a designer when using this material.  As it is a monolithic suspended platform, you will see that the finished product will have a beautiful and homogeneous appearance. Many designs like curves, steps, zig-zag patterns etc can be achieved with this plasterboard. It is indeed a dream platform for the designer to show his creativity to the maximum. There are numerous aspects from the functionality point as well. Some of these have been discussed below:-

  • Ease of installation
  • Sound isolation
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Fire resistance
  • Economy

Ease of installation

Gypsum boards are some of the easiest to install. Normally they are seen in the sheets of width 48 to 54 inches, length 8, 10, 12 feet. For this reason, the sheets can be easily applied to large surface areas including walls and ceilings.  There is no need to make use of several tools either. It can easily be handled by utility knives, some saws, a variety of screws, nails, other fasteners and can also be easily attached adhesively to many substrates.

As the Gypsum board is comparatively a lightweight material, you can manage the handling with minimum labor force.  If you have two efficient workers, they will be able to cover most of the area within no time at all. The finishing touches are also relatively easier compared to other materials.

Fire safety

Gypsum boards are fire resistant materials. They provide thermal insulation to the rooms. It has a non combustible interior core .There is almost 21 percent of chemically combined water. Under extreme heat conditions, this is converted into steam and released slowly. This property makes the boards serve as excellent insulators. It also has a low flame index as well as low smoke density.

Sound Isolation

When designing rooms for companies, so und isolation is an important factor. Designers should be careful not to transfer the unwanted sounds into the next room. So the materials chosen should have noise reducing features. Gypsum board walls as well as ceilings are mainly chosen for this property. They do not allow the transmission of sound from one room to another. Sound isolation can be achieved to the desired level.


You can construct strong, durable and high quality walls as well as ceilings using gypsum boards. They provide exceptional stability and have extended product lives. Moreover it is easy to decorate these ceilings and walls. Gypsum boards can be easily given finishing touches which will create remarkable wonder in the appearance of the room.


Gypsum boards are very popular now as they are so easy to apply. The good news is that these boards are also readily available and inexpensive. Cost of installations are also lesser compared to other materials.


Interior designers simply love this material. It is so versatile that they can be converted and styled into any design.
To summarize, gypsum boards are far better in quality and functionality when compared to other materials used for creating false ceilings.