Differentiating Between Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Home Staging And Interior Redesign

Interior Decorating

People always misuse the terms Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Home Staging and Interior Redesign. Little do they understand that each term has a unique scope of work and is a specialized category when it comes to home renovation. Therefore, it is time to understand these categories before engaging them for your home makeover task. Therefore, it becomes vital to make the right choice to benefit from their services.

Role of Interior Designer

The role of an interior designer is often confused with decorating the home or office space. Interior designers are involved in some activities that include preparing documents for constructing the interior space, which comprises of elevations and blueprints along with specifications for power, lighting and communication points. The interior designer also selects the materials, designs the furniture layout, and finalizes on the finishes.

Qualifications of Interior Designer

The National council for interior design qualification (NCIDQ) says that interior design is a multifarious profession that blends technical and creative solutions applied to the building interiors. The solutions promote quality of life of the residents. The designs are created keeping in the local and context of your building. These professionals take care of the regulatory requirements and promote environmental sustainability. They follow a coordinated methodology that includes research and analysis keeping in mind the needs of the clients.

Role of Interior Decorator

The interior space is decorated by an interior decorator with furnishing, fabric, furniture, decors, flooring, wall coverings, lighting fixture and more. This is done taking into account the lifestyle preference of the clients. Moreover, the decoration depends on the availability of space. Interior decorators only decorate the space they are not involved in designing. They create themes to bring your taste to life.

Qualifications of Interior Decorator

Interior decorator handles floor covers as per the taste of the client. They also take care of flammability, acoustics, lighting fixtures and more. They also ensure if it is in adherence to the building and safety regulations. An interior decorator does not need formal education or license. Though, these are mandatory for interior designers.

Role of Home Staging expert

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When you want to put your house for sale, it is important to do some makeover to attract potential buyers. The market is loaded with properties for sales, and if you want to stand out in the crowd, it is important to get your home a makeover. Home staging is part of the home selling process. Most real estate agents promote home stage, and this is best left to experts. Primary repairs and renovation are done before putting the property for sale.

Qualifications of Home Staging expert

It is all about preparing your home for sale. If you want to sell your home for some big bucks, it is important to take the advice of a home-staging expert. They evaluate the furniture and other decorative accessories. They eliminate the same if found unfit. They also depersonalize the property by removing family photos, collections, trophies and more. They arrange the furniture to optimize the flow and promote focal point enhancement. Home staging experts balance the properties in the room to provide a positive ambiance.

Role of Interior Redesigner

The process is similar to home staging but is meant for homeowners who do not want to sell their property. It is more of a repair and renovation process similar to home staging. It can be conducted by the same experts but keeping in mind that it is meant for homeowners use. There is no need to put up a show. The furniture and accessories are renovated keeping in mind a future sale but nothing immediate.

Qualification of Interior Redesigner

It is used to enhance the home for the homeowners rather than potential buyers. They use the existing furniture and accessories and adding a few more to enhance the quality of the house. They also involve in painting, upgrading light fixture, window treatments and more. It is primarily done to update your home by improving the appeal for personal use. The homeowner who wants to go in for a renovation with a future sale in mind can opt for an interior redesigner.

It may be noted that a professional can do one or more tasks depending upon their qualification and experience. Check Out Our interior designing and Decoration in Doha Qatar.